A picture, description, or imitation of a person in which certain striking characteristics are exaggerated in order to create a comic or grotesque effect

When commissioning me to create your caricature you are commissioning me to draw the individual(s) as I see them in the photographs you provide. With slight exaggeration.
It is at my discretion to make changes to the caricature if requested to do so.


I do request 3 or 4 clear photographs of each person being drawn.
It is your responsibility to provide me with good clear photographs of the individual(s) being drawn. Photographs need to be a good likeness of the person. Need to be of different angles and good lighting with no obstructions to the face. For example Sunglasses or hats.

On occasion, I do use photographs for marketing purposes on my website or via social media, unless requested otherwise.


Artwork is posted special 24 48 hour delivery. Once I have posted the artwork and it is in the hands of Royal Mail I hold no responsibility for the package if damaged.


A caricature is a bespoke personalised item. Under the Distance selling regulations your rights to cancel or claim a refund.

Final Note

My goal is to represent a person in a fun, cartoon style, usually with exaggerated features.

My caricatures are based on how I imagine the person’s character and look to be, from the quality and content of the photos and information that is provided to me.

Please bear in mind that I do not know the person and a lot of the character of him/her is gained by you ‘knowing’ them. This doesn’t always come across in photos.

Before commissioning me to create a caricature, please bear in mind that I am not a ‘portrait artist’! If you are hoping for a portrait then please contact a portrait artist who can suit your requirements.

Hopefully, from viewing the caricature samples with their photos on this website, you can get an idea of what I can achieve for you.