A picture, description, or imitation of a person in which certain striking characteristics are exaggerated in order to create a comic or grotesque effect.


  1. I do request 3 or 4 clear photographs of each person(s) being drawn.
  2. Photos must be sent with different angles of the face to allow me to get a good view of the facial structure. The more photos with different angles provided the better chance of getting a good likeness is possible.
  3. Photos should be with good lighting and no obstructions to the face. For example Sunglasses or hats.
  4. I do not know any person(s) I am commissioned to draw, and therefore rely on my clients to provide me with photographs that show a true likeness of individual(s).
  5. On occasion, I do use photographs for marketing purposes on my website or via social media, unless requested otherwise.

All unframed caricatures are packaged in hardbacked envelopes or cardboard tubes, depending on size.

All Framed caricatures are packaged using corrugated cardboard.

All Artwork is posted special 24 or 48 hour delivery depending on size. With Royal Mail or Parcelforce. Once I have posted the artwork and it is in the hands of Royal Mail or Parcelforce, I hold no responsibility for the package if damaged.


I do not start any artwork without receiving full payment first. When commissioning me to create your caricature you are commissioning me to draw the individual(s) as I see them in the photographs you provide. You can see from the examples in my gallery that I do my upmost to produce a good likeness with slight exaggeration.

For caricatures with content, themes and backgrounds I do send a sketched proof. This is for the content itself and not for the caricature. I do sometimes get content wrong and therefore this can be changed before completion.

It is at my discretion to make any changes to the artwork if requested to do so.

A caricature is a bespoke personalised item. Under the Distance selling regulations your rights to cancel or claim a refund are waivered for a bespoke personalised item. That said under certain circumstances I will refund a client if as follows:

  1. A client cancelled their purchase before any artwork has been produced.
  2. If a sketch has been produced a part refund could be provided. However this is at my discretion.


My goal is to represent a person in a fun, cartoon style, with exaggerated features.

My caricatures are based on how I imagine the person’s character and look to be, from the quality and content of the photos and information that is provided to me.

Please bear in mind that I do not know the person and a lot of the character of him/her is gained by you ‘knowing’ them. This doesn’t always come across in photos.

Before commissioning me to create a caricature, please bear in mind that I am not a ‘portrait artist’! If you are hoping for a portrait then please contact a portrait artist who can suit your requirements.

Hopefully, from viewing the caricature samples with their photos on this website, you can get an idea of what I can achieve for you.