Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


1) CARICATURE; A picture or description or imitation of a person or thing that exaggerates certain characteristics, especially for comic effect.

2) All caricatures are an artists impression NOT a portrait. You the customer agrees to receive an artists impression of the chosen photo and that the caricature is NOT a portrait.


1) I request that you send 3 or 4 good quality high res photos of the person(s) you would like me to draw. If the photo quality is not to a good standard I will request more from you the client asap.

1.1)It is at my discretion as to which photo I choose to draw from, unless requested otherwise by you the client. However the clients choice of photo should be given to me when the photos are emailed and not after I start the artwork.

2) If you the client chooses a photo that I feel can not be used due to poor quality or poor positioning I the artist can choose not to use it and will inform you of my reasons.

3) It is your responsibility to provide me with photos that are a good representation of the person(s) being caricatured. Failure to do so will result in a caricature having a similar result.

4) I reserve the right to reject any photos and refuse to take on a commission if I feel the photos supplied are not clear enough to work with.

Artwork and Ideas

1) All ideas for the artwork will be emailed to you the client within the quotation email. Those ideas must be agreed upon before the work is started. Some information provided to me through the form may not be implemented into the artwork.

2) I reserve the right to charge additional fees for any work included by you the client whilst I am in the process of creating your caricature. You will be informed of these charges and can choose not to proceed with the requested changes.


1) My general turnaround is 14 work days from the next work day you email to confirm you wish to proceed with your order.

1.1) 14 work days does not include postage times.

2) Work days, do not include weekend or bank holidays. If you agree to proceed with the order on a Saturday or Sunday and any bank holiday, the 14 work day turnaround will start from the following work day.

3) You will be requested to enter a completion date within the order form. If you choose not to enter a specific date then the 14 work days will be implemented from the 1st work day you agree to proceed with your order. However this may be longer than 14 work days depending on other deadlines that have been requested.

4) I offer a 14 workday turnaround, if you request a date sooner than the 14 work days offered it may not be possible to complete the caricature sooner, depending on my workload. However you will be informed of this when I reply with your quote.

5) If a deadline is requested and is longer than the 14 work days I offer, then the deadline date will be honoured rather than the 14 work days offered.

6) I the artist may or may not guarantee a deadline if one is requested after the order form has been submitted.

7) I reserve the right to change your turnaround date if payments are slow or not paid in full before the deadline date. Or if I have requested more photos and you the client are slow at sending them.

8) On busier periods, I work on a 1st to confirm their order basis. For example in the run up to Christmas. Mr Jones and Mrs Smith send me a completed order form. I only have room in my diary for one of them due to a busy work load. I send them both a quote. The 1st to confirm they wish to proceed and pay will get that place in my Diary.


1) A pencil sketch will be sent via email for approval. Please note, this sketch will be sent on the basis that it is received as a caricature and NOT a portrait. As you can see from my gallery I do my upmost to provide a caricature that has a true likeness to the photos provided, with a little exaggeration.

1.1) I work on the basis that, when you the client commissions myself, the artist, to create your caricature, you have viewed my exampled artwork in my gallery and therefore agree to have a caricature drawn in the style of which I draw them. I am not prepared to change my style of caricature art. If another style is preferred, I recommend you find an artist that suits your needs before continuing to process your order.

1.2) I reserve the right to NOT make changes to the caricature itself. I will make changes to the caricatures surroundings if requested.

2) Once completed the caricature will be posted to you on A4,A3 or A3+, depending on your requirements.

Refunds & Cancellations

1) Under the Distance Selling Regulations I am not obliged to provide a refund for personalised items. A caricature is a personalised item. Under all circumstances you agree to waiver your right to any refund

2) Under the Distance Selling Regulations you do not have the legal right to cancel your order as it is original artwork which is classed as bespoke/personalised


1) All copyright to any personalised caricature belongs to SB Caricatures, If you wish to use any of the artwork for business use then you must contact me for permission. Refusal to do so may resort to court proceedings.

2) To use any artwork I produce for business use must be requested in writing via email. I will discuss this further with you after your request has been received.

Postage & Packaging

1) I the artist will hold no responsibility for any loss or damage to the artwork whilst in the hands of Royal Mail or any other postal/delivery provider I use to post your final caricature. If the work is lost or damaged in the post I will post another print to you at your cost.

2) If the parcel is lost I will provide all relevant paperwork for you to find your parcel. This only applies to recorded or special delivery items.

Advertising and Showcasing

1) I the artist reserves the right to use any of the caricatures I produce as an example of my work on this website and any other selling tool I use.

2) I may also in some cases use photographs provided by you the customer on this website and any other selling tool I use for comparison reasons only. Unless you the customer request otherwise, please do so by email or when submitting your order form.