Cartoon Caricatures

cartoon caricature collectionThe art of producing cartoon caricatures is in creating a finished product that represents the original individual or picture in an exaggerated manner to enhance specific features, this should give a humorous and laughable appeal to the artwork. Caricatures can be displayed in various forms including portraits, paintings and cartoons.

Cartoon caricatures are probably the most recognised form of this style of art form because of their popularity in general. A skilled cartoon caricature should not only provide this laughable factor, but should also resemble the individual to a significant degree.

A caricature artist draws on three main factors:

(1) the natural characteristics of the subject (the big ears, long nose, etc.);
(2) the acquired individuality (stoop, scars, facial lines etc.);
(3) the vanities (choice of hair style, spectacles, clothes, expressions and mannerisms).

The earliest sightings of this historic art form where discovered in the ruins of Pompeii where a politician was portrayed in a graffiti style. Leonardo da Vinci was an active exponent of the art. He actually sought out people with some kind of deformity to use as models.

Would you like to have your portrait or picture transformed into a cartoon caricature?  SB Caricatures can provide caricature artwork to a phenomenal standard, we are always excited to work with new people.

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