caricaturesSub-consciously, when we think about the caricature style of art, the majority of us naturally produce a mental picture a street corner artist creating ten minute cartoon caricatures for people passing through, however this incredible art form has so much more to offer.

The art of caricaturing is to create an artistic design that represents the focus individual or picture in an manner that exaggerates key features, this will naturally give a humorous and laughable appeal to the artwork when applied correctly. Caricatures can be displayed in various forms including portraits, paintings and cartoons.

Caricatures for Events and Functions

Like many of the individuals we come across, we love the fantastic atmosphere when performing artistic work at events and functions. We are incredibly passionate about this style of art and we love working with new individuals, if you would like us to attend your event or function we advise getting in touch with us in advance.

Caricatures from Photos

In addition to creating your caricatures in person this style of art can be obtained online through creating caricatures from photos. This not only gives you the opportunity to select the best photo to suit your desired result, but also saves you the time of an introduction.

If you have any specifications for your caricature, you can leave comments for the caricaturist during the online booking form, we often recieve requests to display certain mannerisms or focus on specific features. Your specifications and comments help us to produce the perfect image that you had in mind.

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